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Shoe boxes

We manufacture shoe boxes of all sizes with good

quality printing and durable binding. All boxes come with precise size according to the products.

Lubricants boxes

We manufacture Packaging for various brands of lubricants with vibrant color and sizes with high quality carton paper with and without lamination.

Dates boxes

We manufacture Dates boxes of various size and ply for all kinds of Dates products.

Tomato Paste boxes

We manufacture boxes for all size and packing of various brands of tomato paste and ketchup.

Food parcel boxes

We manufacture all kinds of food parcel boxes and trays of various sizes and different kinds of papers with customers demands.

Tin Foil & Cling Wrap boxes

We manufacture Tin foil rolls boxes and packaging with good quality printing and paper. it comes in different sizes and paper quality. We also manufacture cling wrap boxes for various designs and sizes.

Chocolate boxes

We manufacture various brands and sizes boxes for chocolate and drinks . With good quality paper and printing.

Tea & Coffee boxes

We manufacture Boxes for Tea and Coffee with all kinds of size and designs with clients need and demand.

Carton display stands

We manufacture Various types of display stand made with high quality carton in different sizes for item display.

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Al Salam Cartons

Manufacturing L.L.C

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Al Salam Carton

Manufacturing L.L.C


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